Coping After Layoff:
7 Things To Do After Your Job Loss

"I lost my job! What do I do now?"

You’ve lost your job? ... Congratulations! … What did I just say??? That sounds insensitive, I know, perhaps even crazy. You’re feeling anything but blissful. News of your layoff can leave you feeling lost, feeling numb, feeling scared. At first you won’t know what to do next ... OR … you may already be feeling anger boiling up inside of you and you’re about to say or do something that you shouldn’t. Don’t! Instead … Stop… and Breathe.

If you cannot concentrate, can’t even focus on one thing, you need to know that this reaction is to be expected and is perfectly normal. If the most you can do right now is recognize where you are, say your name, and know the date, you’re doing great.

On the other hand, if you feel that you are totally out of control, that your knees are about to buckle or you are about to explode, then you need a “time out.” (A time out is not just for kids. It is mandatory for any adult who is super-stressed--certainly for anyone that just got news of a layoff.) Your first step then is to "Stop and Breathe!" Click Here for the "first aid" steps in breathing.

Now that you’re continuing to read (or you’ve returned with a renewed sense of focus) you’re aware that you can be in control. You are oriented, your brain is functioning, and you have a sufficient handle on your emotions . . . at least for now.  The beauty of such awareness is that the truth of a layoff is slowly sinking in.

I’ve been where you are now and I want to help you get beyond this moment. When my hospital was sold I was laid off after 20 years of employment. I know what you’re experiencing and I’m offering to help you cope with what no doubt seems like devastating news. You can see my story Here.     

By following the 7 Things To Do After Your Layoff you will learn more about what you really want and what steps you can take to get there. 

In fact if all you can do right now is skim the list below that’s fine for this moment.

  1. Let the News of Your Layoff Sink In and BREATHE!!
  2. Evaluate Your Relationships: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
  3. Know Yourself: Do a Self-Evaluation--Who Are You?
  4. Don’t Count (out) Your Chickens.
  5. Take Care of Yourself. 
  6. Use Your Passion and Make a Plan. 
  7. Take Action—Mobilize!  

Even this quick glance at the above steps can:

  • Give you the "Big Picture" plan
  • Offer you steps to keep you focused
  • Help you to prioritize your needs during this journey
  • Provide you with the sense that you can survive this layoff ordeal.

In fact this may bring a turning point in your life.

A caveat: Now please don’t for a second think that I’m going to subject you to empty reassurances of “It will get better” or Pollyanna phrases such as “Everything happens for the best.” Know that such has not been my journey after my layoff and I’m not inviting you down that primrose path either. In fact your emotions will no doubt run high as you adjust to this dramatic change in your life and in your lifestyle. 

The challenge that I am offering you will most likely not be a quick one and it probably won’t be an easy one. It may take some time and it will take considerable effort on your part. What might you experience as you undertake this journey toward renewed self-discovery? You'll at different times experience all of the following:

  • excitement
  • fear
  • worry
  • intrigue
  • amazement
  • joy

Bottom line: Know that you can cope with the shock, fear, and (no doubt) anger that you’re feeling. In fact, the traumatic event of your layoff may just be the jolt that you need to discover what you really want. There are many positives at this point in your life. You just need to explore them. Now let’s get started .…Click Here to undertake the 1st step in your post-layoff journey... and Breathe!

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You’ve lost your job.

You’re feeling   overwhelmed.      

Take these 7 steps to discover your passion, even to reinvent yourself.

You can do more than “just survive” this ordeal—You can thrive!